Martin Ricardo was born in Mexico but he moved to Connecticut in 2001. Graduated High School and attended college until 2009. Found his love for Dance Fitness in 2014, when a friend dragged him to his first ever Zumba® class. The seed was planted, and he decided to sign up to the local gym, offering Zumba® classes. During that year, his love for Zumba® classes grew and his Instructors encouraged him to become licensed to teach Zumba®. Martín decided to take his Zumba® training in February 2015, and started his journey as instructor in May 2015. A good friend of Martín introduced him to another Dance Fitness format: Mixxedfit® and in September 2017, he decided to become certified. Mixxedfit® and Zumba® are excellent Dance Fitness programs that combine cardio, body weight toning, explosiveness and best of all, FUN. In January 2021 Martin has also become a COMMIT Dance Fitness Instructor, adding to his list of skills and trainings, this is a dynamic dance fitness format. You will never realize these programs are a great way to get fit and exercise in disguise. 


"Dance Fitness is my passion!"